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Give strength and health with a daily intake of water

A dietrich of water is good for reducing poisoning. When you have to little of water, you will be tired, dull and concentration difficulties arise already at 20% moisture loss. Fluid shortage makes your body of work and will be worn out prematurely because the treatment worse.

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Healthboost with water

Did you know that the word SPA stands for Salus per agua, and the qoute "health through water". Water is our main treatment option and it is also the much of which fills the body. Without water, nothing can grow, and it shows the importance of bringing it to us humans.

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Reduce the sugar, exercise system and boost the good fats

In the past it was the sugar our survival source of quick energy and the sweet flavors associated with the non-toxic plants and fruits found in nature. Today's large supply of sugar will increase our intake, which gives us diseases, pain in joints, problems where the reward system is activated and makes us more or less dependent on the sweet.

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5 best ways to reduce the sugar villains

Sugar is one of our most widely raw materials and in refined form, it is even harmful to the body. In addition to that, so it adds a lot of energy which can give weight increases, it increases your sugarneed and reduce nutrient uptake and digestion by the change from a stomach and intestinal system alkaline environment.

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Preserved naturally with fermentation

The ferm out food is a great way for those who want to avoid sweet preserves or preservatives. It is effective, completely natural and creates good pH in your stomach and intestine. It is also a cheap option to save and have access to fruit and vegetables all year-seasons.

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5 facts about acid, pH and the body's symptoms

Acidifying bodies are becoming more common and because of our destuktivt sweet and acidic diet. In order to stay healthy and avoid acidification negative pressures on the immune system, body and heart, so requires an alkaline environment and the addition of alkaline foods.

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Five truths about fat

Fat is a vital source, which is full of essential acids needed for hormone production, transport of nutrients, absorption of fat soluble vitamins, the protection of the body. We eat far too little natural fat in today's diet, resulting acidified fat as reluctant to release fat for weight loss.

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Electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation destroys food and nutrition Afraid of the daily radiation arising from your microwave and pour your induction? Did you know that breast milk which is heated in the microwave provides changing amino acids which are converted to be toxic and that plastic emits dangerous substances in the micro heat? Read our article on electromagnetic radiation.

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Sun safe in summer

Now is the BROILING summer here and it is important to protect the skin of both large and small. Young children have more sensitive skin than we adults have and should be protected with clothing and sunscreen. Read our top 10 tips to protect yourself and bask in a smart and simple way:

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The history of milk

Milk and mythology
Imagine a foaming white sea of milk.

In the middle are gods and demons churning the milk into butter using a snake that wriggling its way up the mountain Mandra.

When the work is done, the gods breathed a sigh of relief. The universe has been created!

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